Counterpoint Tactical System

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The Counterpoint Tactical System, also known by the acronym CTS, is a weapon-based integrated martial art designed for the street with an emphasis on real-world tactical counter offense. Although an eclectic martial art, the Counterpoint Tactical System’s largest traditional influence can be found in the Filipino Martial Arts. The purpose of CTS is to train and certify students and instructors, making them well versed in every phase of civilian armed and unarmed combat.

It’s founder, Zach Whitson, is a life time martial arts professional with over forty years of extensive martial arts training and teaching experience. He has a personal focus on real world, close quarter survival training and skill set development. Currently, Zach travels extensively both nationally and internationally to present master level training with an emphasis on bladed and impact weapon deployment, tactics, and retention.

Zach’s rank achievements include 9th Grade Black Belt “Grandmaster” rank in Eskrima/ Eskrido; 8th Grade Black Belt “Master” rank in Pangamot; Mataas Na Guro “Master Instructor” rank in the close quarter knife system of Pekiti Tirsia Kali; and a 7th Degree Black Belt “Senior Professor” rank in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo. Currently Zach actively trains in Great Master Wang Peisheng’s Wu Style Tajiquan and Yin Style Baguazhang with Master Zhang Yun.